To Surf Air Virtual

About Surf Air Virtual

We focus on providing a professional and welcoming environment along with providing flying flexibility !

Our Staff

CEO - @Saharsh
COO -  @Rhys_V
HRM - @Capt_Evan

Our Beginning

When starting Surf Air Virtual, we immediately thought about providing the most inclusive and professional environment out there. Additionally, we have put in countless hours of work to make sure Surf Air Virtual is the most unique Virtual Airline out there. With skilled staff and scenic routes we can assure you that you wont ever get bored here! 

Our Events

We try to have 3 events that range from West Coast flying to flying to a ATC controlled hub. Events range from 1 hour to 5 hours. Additionally, we try to host at least 1 IFC event each month.

Surf Air Operations

At Surf Air Virtual, we have two different hub regions. These regions are in Europe and the West Coast. We operate 2 different aircraft on various routes. On top of the routes, we have Routes of The Week, that we release each Sunday!

Surf Air Fleet

Surf Air operates two different aircraft on their routes. These aircraft include the CCX on our European Historic Routes and the TBM930 on our America routes.

Surf Air Ranks

We have 6 ranks that pilots are able to achieve while flying for Surf Air Virtual. Each pilot starts at Junior Pilot rank and is able to get to Senior Commander which is the highest rank.

Ranks and Rewards can be found below

Our Ranks:
- Junior Pilot: Granted on entry

- Second Officer: Achieved after logging 10 flight hours

- First Officer: Achieved after logging 25 flight hours

- Captain: Achieved after logging 35 flight hours

- Senior Captain: Achieved after logging 50 flight hours

- Commander: Achieved after logging 75 flight hours

- Senior Commander: Achieved after logging 150 flight hours

Where We Fly

Here at Surf Air Virtual we have destinations all across the West Coast and Texas. Some of our Surf Air California destinations include: Hawthorne, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, San Carlos, Burbank, Oakland, Truckee, and more! 

Some of our Surf Air Texas destinations include: Addison, Houston, Austin, Arlington, Fayetteville, Golden Triangle Regional, and more! 

Additionally, we add a route of our pilots choosing at the end of every month. These routes are added via poll with staff then the top to go head to head and the pilots vote on which one is better!

Map of the states we fly to can be found below

Join Us


At least grade 3
​13 years or older
Able to use Discord for communication
Have a legal copy of Infinite Flight
Have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
Not on IFVARB blacklist or watchlist
Able to file one pirep each month

Meet all these requirements? Fill out the application below and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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