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About Surf Air Virtual

Surf Air primarily flies to smaller, GA airports around the US! We fly around the West Coast and Europe. Check out About Us, Destinations, and Our Fleet for more information about Surf Air Virtual.

About Us

More information about Surf Air Virtual and how we run can be found there!

About Us


Check out our diverse route network and destinations that you can fly at Surf Air!


Our Fleet

Find out what aircraft Surf Air flies across the US and Europe, with their information!

Our Fleet

What Makes Us Unique

Surf Air offers an inclusive environment. With experienced staff, diverse routes, and a modern Crew Center, we are sure you won't get bored!

Inclusive Enviroment

We ensure each pilot feels included at Surf Air. With out internal events each week, to frequent group flights, pilots will always have something to do!

Experienced Staff

Our staff make sure that each and every pilot will enjoy their stay at Surf Air Virtual! We will ensure each pilot feel comfortable and at home in our Discord Server!

Modern & Easy to use Crew Center

Surf Air uses Flare, by Kai M and Lucas Rebato! Flare offers a wide variety of features that makes flying for Surf Air easy!

Ever growing community

With an every growing community, you will almost always have someone to fly with! From short hauls, to Ultra Long Hauls, someone will join you.

Surf Air's Active Flights